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Movietone was able by Theodore Case and his assistant, Earl I. Sponable, in 1925 at the Case Research Lab in Auburn, New York, with their conception of what became the Movietone camera, congenital for the class by the Wall apparatus boutique in Syracuse, New York from a Bell & Howell camera.

Most single-system cameras were produced by Wall Camera Corporation, which abundant after produced the three-film Cinerama cameras. Wall initially adapted some Bell & Howell Design 2709 cameras to single-system, but a lot of were Wall advised and produced. Single-system cameras were aswell produced by Mitchell Camera Corporation during World War II for the U.S. Army Signal Corps, although these cameras were absolutely rare.

All single-system cameras allotment the aforementioned fault: the "sound adaptation point" is on the camera's capital drive sprocket itself, and this contributes to cogent 96 Hz flutter.

Double-system recorders, accurately those of the Davis Loop type, abstract the "sound adaptation point" from the drive sprocket(s), absolutely eliminating 96 Hz flutter, although a slight wow is still present at start-up. It is for this acumen that the complete recordist announces "speed" a the alpha of a "take". The recordist observes the two acquiescence accoutrements of the Davis Loop Drive and, indeed, which anatomy the Davis Loop itself (sometimes referred to as a "Davis Tight Loop") and if the acquiescence accoutrements become anchored the complete blur is active accurate at 90 feet/minute (45 feet/minute for 17.5mm complete blur and 36 feet/minute for 16mm complete film) and there is no wow or flutter. It is at this point that an abettor abettor "slates" the "take". Of course, by this time the blur camera(s) has (have) already appear up to complete acceleration and these apparatus will all abide in accompaniment throughout the butt of the "take".

Although single-system remained accepted for account gathering, assembly complete bound adapted to the far above double-system method.

Today's agenda complete reproduction systems for motion pictures are about abased aloft the attendance of a Davis Loop Drive (example: Dolby Cat. 701 agenda complete head; and one of the actual few times on almanac that Dolby Labs has accustomed addition inventor's device).

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